This blog is my geeky persona. If you would rather learn about my less geeky side visit http://postcardsfromnorway.blogspot.com

If you’re still here I hope to blog about things that interest me, things I think others may find useful and will record things I learn that may be of use some time in the future to myself or others.

I’m a software developer from Bedford, England but have made my home in Norway, now living near Oslo. I have experience and interest with all things web, C#, Microsoft technologies and more. I also have a degree in Computer System Engineering which may explain why you find a few posts now and again regarding micro controllers, Arduino, C and anything robotic! Told you this was my geeky side ;o)

I currently work for a large consultancy and may or may not be available for contract work. Feel free to get in touch.

The usual disclaimer that these are my own words and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer can be found in this sentence.